TK-7180H/8180H Mobile Two-Way Radio
VHF/UHF Trunking & Conventional Mobile Two-Way Radios

MIL-STDFleetSync Capable

Product Summary

Kenwood s TK-7180/8180 offers a superb range of advanced features that play a key role in the latest dispatch and fleet control applications.

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Wide band operation full band coverage VHF & UHF
Remote Control Head Option
512 channels/128 zones
12-character dot-matrix display
Enhanced Kenwood audio
Voice inversion scrambler
MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F
Conventional & LTR® Trunking zones
FleetSync® & FleetSync® II digital signaling system includes PTT ID digital ANI
Dual priority & scan features
Optional VGS-1 voice guide & storage unit
Universal accessory connector (80/90 series compatible)
Programmable function keys
Emergency key
DB25 Accessory Terminal
Operator-selectable tone (conventional)
Real-time clock for time stamping
Embedded messages
Radio lock password
Flash memory
Windows PC programming & tuning
AVL/GPS capable
General Features
-  Model Type 17180 (136-174 MHz), 8180 (450-520 MHz)
-  Model Type 28180 (400-470 MHz)
-  Model Type 3-
-  RF Power Output30 W - 1 W, 50 W - 10 W, 45 W - 10 W
-  Channel/Zone Capability512 CH / 128 Zones
-  Mounting OptionsMultiple Configurations
-  Up/Down Selectors4 Selectors
-  Front Keys6 PF Keys
-  AUX I/O's9 Programmable
-  LCDBacklit Dot Matrix LCD
-  3-Digit Sub-DisplayYes
-  Function/Status LCD IconsYes
-  Alphanumeric Aliases14 Character
-  Date, 12/24 Hour ClockYes
-  Transmit/Busy/Call Alert/Warn LEDYes
-  Multi-Language Display-
-  Ignition SenseYes
-  Public Address / Horn Alert OptionYes
-  GPS Receiver OptionYes
-  Dimensions (W x H x D)6-5/16 x 1-3/4 x 6-3/16 in.
-  Weight (net) - Radio Only3.3 lbs.
-  Kenwood LTR FeaturesYes
FleetSync®/II (FM)
-  Caller ID DisplayYes
-  Short Text MessagesYes
-  Status MessagingYes
KAP-2KAP-2Horn Alert / PA Relay Unit
KCT-23MKCT-23MDC Cable
KCT-23M3KCT-23M3DC Cable
KCT-40KCT-40Radio Interface Cable (for KDS-100, KGP-2A/2B)
KCT-46KCT-46Ignition sense cable
KES-3KES-3External speaker
KES-5KES-5External speaker
KGP-2A/2BKGP-2A/2BGPS Receiver / Modem Unit (Requires KCT-39 option)
KLF-2KLF-2Line Filter
KMB-10KMB-10Key Lock Adapter
KMC-27AKMC-27AMIL-SPEC & Noise Canceling dynamic mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-27BKMC-27BStandard dynamic mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-28AKMC-28AMIL-SPEC & Noise Canceling dynamic mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug) w/ DTMF
KMC-30KMC-30Standard mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-32KMC-32Low profile mobile microphone with 16 DTMF keypad (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-35KMC-35Standard dynamic mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-36KMC-36Standard dynamic mobile microphone with 12 keypad (8-pin mod. plug)
KMC-9CKMC-9CControl Station Desktop Microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
KPS-10AKPS-10ADC Power Supply
KPS-15KPS-15DC Switching Power Supply
KRK-10KRK-10Remote Control Kit
NX-740HV/840HUNX-740HV/840HUNEXEDGE VHF/UHF Digital & FM Mobile Radios
VGS-1VGS-1Voice Guide and Storage Unit
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